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The task was to create a brand, logo, corporate identity and brand book for the startup. Ringber - is a callback widget, which integrates in the simplest way and allows you to attract customers, maintain their feedback.

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The creation of a new logo was inspired by the image of the waves and movement. The aim was to create an abstract symbol that conveys the dynamics of the modern world. The sign is transmitted by multiple meanings and one of them is the most popular mean of communication - phone. Ringber creates a new point of contact between buyer and seller. A first contact of the brand begins with its image. We've created a very simple and intuitive form, which makes Ringber memorable and different from others.



The image of «Ringber» brand, versatile and flexible, built on the principles of freedom, simplicity and convenience. It shows that «Ringber» accessible to everyone and easily fits into your daily life.



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